This video shows how the equivalent cost of one smartphone is similar to that of training a healthcare provider to deliver adolescent- and youth-friendly sexual and reproductive health services in Laos. One trained staff can give life-changing services that more than 3,100 young people in the country annually. #ICPD25 #UNFPA50 #Noi2030 #UnfinishedBusiness #NairobiSummit


More than 4,000 people joined the 4th Vientiane International Half Marathon the UN Population Fund (UNFPA) supported the marathon, aiming to raise awanress on issues around teenage pregnancy, under the theme "Girlhood Not Motherhood -  together we can end teenage pregnancy”


The animation shows the critical issues that are faced by 700,230 adolescent girls aged 10 – 19 in Lao PDR, including lack of education and job opportunity, and poor health and nutrition. To ensure that adolescent girls grow up safe and healthy and be able to make decision for her own future, it calls for a multi-stakeholder partnership from the government, cooperator sector, UN and civil society.  On what Lao PDR will look like in 15 years will depend on whether we do everything in our power to ignite the potential of adolescent girls today, such “Noi”. It is our role to work together to ensure that not even one single adolescent girl is left behind.