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24 May 2022
Press Release
Photo 1: Nang Noi girls during Baci receiving blessings from UNFPA, Crowne Plaza and MoES. Photo by: Benyahia/UNFPA Laos.

Crowne Plaza Vientiane and UNFPA partner for providing vocational skills training to young women for promoting women’s economic empowerment

Vientiane, 23 May 2022. Sengchanh, Seo, Mone, Loy and Phouvieng are five young women from Sepone District, Savannakhet Province. They have arrived at Crowne Plaza Vientiane where they will train for... Read more

9 May 2022

Investing in midwives is crucial for sustainable development

As the International Confederation of Midwives celebrates its 100th anniversary, the Regional Director for the United Nations Population Fund for the Asia and Pacific region, Björn Andersson, makes... Read more

9 May 2022
Press Release

100 Years of Progress: Celebrating Midwifery and Launch of the Lao Association of Midwife

100 Years of Progress: Celebrating Midwifery and Launch of the Lao Association of Midwife    5 May 2022, Vientiane Capital - The Lao Association of Midwives (LAM), in collaboration with the United... Read more

25 April 2022

LSB and UNFPA leading the preparation of the 5th Population and Housing Census 2025 in Lao PDR

25 April 2022, Vientiane Capital - The 2nd stakeholders briefing on the 5th Population and Housing Census 2025 (PHC) was chaired by Mme. Phetsamone SONE, Deputy Head of Lao Statistics Bureau, and co-... Read more

18 April 2022

Establishing Standard Operations Procedures so that there no “wrong door” for a survivor of violence to seek help

Vientiane, 07 April 2022 - The United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) supported 3 multisectoral consultations to develop Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for gender-based violence (GBV) response... Read more

7 April 2022
Press Release

Government of Japan and UNFPA partner with LWU, MOPWT and UN-Habitat to launch a Safer Cities Initiative

7 April 2022, Vientiane Capital - The government of Japan pledged 833,333 USD to the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) to implement: Safer Cities: Interventions against Covid-19 focusing on WASH... Read more

4 April 2022
Press Release

UNFPA supports revision of national midwifery curriculum to meet international standards

UNFPA is playing a key role in elevating Lao PDR’s national midwifery curriculum to save the lives of mothers and babies.   Despite progress in maternal mortality, the country still has a high... Read more

29 March 2022
Press Release

UNFPA strengthening mental health psychosocial support for young people in Lao PDR

UNFPA is supporting young people in Lao PDR to safeguard their mental health amid the ongoing third wave of COVID-19 in the country. Dr. Kongsy CHOUNLAMANY, Vice Dean of the faculty of education,... Read more

22 March 2022
Press Release

I Am Who I Am: Stories of young transgender women

Peer educators from Proud to Be Us Laos shared their life stories as transgender people in Laos. From knowing, to coming out as a transgender person, they struggle to gain understanding and... Read more

21 March 2022

LSB, UNFPA further strengthening production, dissemination and use of vital statistic data in Lao PDR

17 March 2022, Vientiane Capital - Timely and updated vital statistics data on births, deaths, marriages, divorces is a prerequisite to socio-economic planning and informed decision making.... Read more