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 Bakhtiyor Kadyrov

Bakhtiyor Kadyrov

Bakhtiyor Kadyrov is a development and humanitarian aid professional, with 21 years of field experience, at different capacities, including leadership and programme management responsibilities with UNFPA in Pakistan, Somalia, Syria, Sudan and Tajikistan.

Bakhtiyor Kadyrov’s assignments with UNFPA Pakistan, Somalia, Syria, Sudan, Nepal and Tajikistan led to rewarding achievements in leadership roles, including change management, introducing evidence-based programme models and systems of accountability, resource mobilization, advocacy and partnership coordination. 

Bakhtiyor has both extensive business development and high level program design and leadership experience. 

He acted as Representative a.i./ Officer-in-Charge of UNFPA Syria for two years (2009-2010 & 2011-2012), and the Head of Puntland Field Office in Somalia for more than five years.  

In his most recent assignments, he acted as Representative a.i. of UNFPA Pakistan over the period of June 2021-October 2022, spearheading the CO high-level policy advocacy, partnership coordination, the new CPD design and the CO flood response over the period of June 2021-Ocrober 2022. Prior to that he served as the Pakistan CO Deputy Representative for 3 years (2018-2021). This is in addition to the most recent short-term programme management and technical assignment with UNFPA Nepal in February-June 2023. 

His hands-on experience, as evident by concrete results over the past years, reflect skill mix in development assistance, resilience building operations and expanding partnership base, advocacy, partnership coordination and policy development.  In this respect, it is worth noting that he has significant experience in establishing and maintaining relationships with key internal and external stakeholders from a range of different cultures, from senior government through to community level. This includes hands-on experience in building long-term effective relationships and partnerships with governments, donors and private sector, particularly in areas of capacity development and policy implementation. 

Prior to joining the UN System in 2002 Bakhtiyor Kadyrov served as a technical advisor for a non-governmental organization mandated to promote adolescent and youth reproductive health. This is in addition to practicing medicine prior to his technical assignment with the non-governmental organization.

Dr. Bakhtiyor Kadyrov is a Tajikistan national and holds a Medical Diploma with a specialization in General Medicine, as well as PhD Degree in Medical Specialties from the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation and Dissertation Council of the Tajik Medical University.

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