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Task description:

The UNFPA Young Innovator Fellow will contribute to UNFPA’s innovation priorities in a number of ways, including strengthening the innovation architecture; supporting the scale-up of innovations; forming partnerships; strengthening financing for innovation; and expanding the communities and culture for innovation. UNFPA Laos is implementing the Essential Service Package (ESP), a tool and guideline to provide essential services by the health, social, and justice sectors for the survivors of violence, through expanding the protection shelter in several provinces; strengthening the capacity of the social and health sectors; establishing the national and sub-national coordination mechanism to provide quality and timely manner services for the survivors of violence as well as establishing of monitoring and reporting framework and system for Gender-Based Violence. Under the direct supervision of Gender Programme Analyst, the Fellow will undertake the following tasks:

● Support the UNFPA Lao CO Gender team to identify and establish partnerships with potential stakeholders, including private sector, women-led organizations, disability organizations, INGOs, CSOs, media agencies etc.

● Consult with UNFPA Lao Innovation focal points for innovation initiatives that are initiated by HQs and in further consultation with UNFPA Lao Transformer team to launch and follow up relevant ones in Laos.

● Document innovatively for a variety of internal and external communication platforms the implementation of the ESP, with a view to showcasing the impact and engaging new partners.

● Research and identify innovative low cost solutions for collecting and analysing GBV data from hotlines/call center and for indicators of National Plan on Ending Violence Against Women (EVAW). The assignment will include mission travel to New York, once for a capstone to conclude the fellowship.

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Expected start date: 1/5/2022

Duration: 8 months

Closing date is on 20/3/2022