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RFP Number UNFPA/LAO/RFP/18/01

For the establishment of a:


In regards to:



Letter of Invitation


Dear Sir/Madam,


  1. The United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), an international development agency, is seeking qualified Bids for the above-mentioned services. Your company is hereby invited to submit your best Technical and Financial Bids for the provision of technical assistance and guidance to overall conduct of the stock availability survey 2018. Your Bid could form the basis for a contract for professional services (CPS) between your company and UNFPA.
  2. To enable your company to submit a Bid, please read the following attached documents carefully:


Section I:

Instructions to Bidders

Section II:

Terms of Reference

Section III:

UNFPA General Conditions of Contract

Section IV:

UNFPA Special Conditions of Contract

Section V:

Supplier Qualification Requirements

Section VI:

Bid and Returnable Forms

Section VII:

Contractual Forms

  1. The Bid process will be conducted through a TWO-envelope system.  Interested Bidders are requested to submit their Technical Bid separately from their Financial Bid containing price information. Specific instructions for the submission can be found Section I – Instructions to Bidders, clause 19Submission, Sealing and Marking of Bids.
  2. Bidders are requested to carefully read Section I – Instructions to Bidders, clause 19Submission, Sealing and Marking of Bids, where detailed instructions of the submission process are provided. It is the Bidder’s responsibility to assure compliance with the submission process. If the envelopes or emails are not marked / submitted per the instructions, UNFPA will neither assume responsibility for the bid’s misplacement or premature opening nor guarantee the confidentiality of the Bid process.  Incorrect submissions might result in your Bid being declared invalid.


All Bids comprising of Technical and Financial parts should reach the below and corresponding addresses no later than 26 June 2018, at 16:00 Vientiane time (

  1. If you choose to submit your Bid in hard copy, your Technical Bid and Financial Bid should be submitted in separate, sealed envelopes in accordance to clause 20.3Submission of hard copy Bids, and should reach the following address:


United Nations Population Fund

                         Ban Hatsady, Lane Xang Avenue

                         P.O.Box: 345

                         Vientiane, Lao PDR

  1. If you choose to submit your Bid electronically, your Technical Bid and Financial Bid should be submitted in separate emails in accordance to clause 20.4 Submission of electronic Bids, should reach the email inbox of Do not submit Bid documents to any other email address, sending the Bid to any other email address, including as a carbon copy (cc), will violate confidentiality and result in the invalidation of the Bid.
  1. Bids received after the stipulated date and time will be rejected.
  2. Bidders are asked to acknowledge receipt of this RFP using the Bid Confirmation Form Section VI – ANNEX A: Bid Confirmation Form. A completed Form should be e-mailed to: Vilaykham Lasasimma, Operations Manager at email address: no later than 11 June 2018 and indicate whether or not a Bid shall be submitted.  Bidders that will not submit a Bid are kindly asked to indicate the reason(s) for not bidding on the Bid Confirmation Form to help UNFPA improve its future Bid exercises.
  3. Any questions relating to the Bid process and/or to the attached documents shall be sent to: Vilaykham Lasasimma, Operations Manager at email address:

Responses to all questions received will be handled in accordance to the instructions included in Section I - Instructions to Bidders, clause 8Clarifications of solicitation documents. Do not submit a Bid to this contact, or your Bid will be declared invalid, as UNFPA will not be able to guarantee the confidentiality of the Bid process.  

  1. UNFPA posts all Bids notices, clarifications and results in the United Nations Global Marketplace; hence, we strongly encourage Bidders to register on UNGM. The UNGM is the procurement portal of the United Nations system. By registering on UNGM, suppliers become part of the database that UN buyers use when searching for suppliers.  The link describes the registration process:

Suppliers can also access all UN Bids online and, by subscribing to the Tender Alert Service, suppliers can be automatically notified via email of all UN business opportunities that match the products and services for which they have registered. Instructions on how to subscribe to the Tender Alert Service can be found in the UNGM Interactive Guide for suppliers.

  1. UNFPA looks forward to receiving your Bid and thanks you in advance for your interest in UNFPA procurement opportunities.
  2. This letter is not to be construed in any way as an offer to contract with your company/institution.