SDG4A is looking for members for the Advisory Committee

16 January 2017


The Adolescent Research Network is setting up a scientific technical Advisory Committee and is now looking for new committee members.

What is the role of the Advisory Committee?

The Advisory Committee acts as an advisory body in terms of the general strategy and planning of the Adolescent Research Agenda and Network, in order for it to achieve its objectives. The Advisory Committee communicates primarily online. However the committee organizes meetings on an annual basis to review and monitor progress against plans and recommended actions required to ensure that the set objectives are met.

The Advisory Committee advises on more specific technical issues such as: reviewing research proposals (including ethical aspects), reports and ongoing studies; identifying opportunities for resource mobilization and dissemination of research; and advice upon key issues in policy and practice. The members of the committee are also expected to advocate for the network, visualizing it in different fora where applicable.

How to nominate?

SDG4A is looking for members with extensive experience in adolescent health research, knowledge management, and evidence-informed advocacy.

For more information about the Terms of Reference and nomination process, go to and see the announcement for Advisory Committee members.