Press Release

Lao PDR to launch the provisional results of the 4th Population and Housing Census

15 December 2015

The data collection of the 4th Population and Housing Census was conducted from 1-7 March 2015 throughout the country. The census is conducted in a ten year basis to provide up-to-date information on demographic and related socio-economic characteristics of the population at national and sub-national levels for social and economic planning and monitoring.

Provisional results indicate that the population of Lao PDR as of March 2015 is 6.5 million5. population growth seems to have slowed down. The population growth per year in the period of 2005 to 2015 is 1.45 percent, which is lower than in the period of 1995 to 2005 at 2.08 percent.

The total budget for implementing the census was 80.8 billion Kip, in which the Lao government supported 44.5 billion Kip, Chinese government 12.8 billion Kip, SDC 8.2 billion Kip, UNFPA 10.6 billion Kip, WB 3.7 Billion Kip, and UNICEF 1 billion Kip.

The full report is expected to be officially launched in June 2016.

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